Women for Science

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  • TitleWomen for Science
  • Release Date1 June 2006
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Advisory Panel

Johanna (Anneke) LEVELT SENGERS, Scientist Emeritus, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.A.
Manju SHARMA, President and Executive Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar; and former Secretary of Biotechnology, India

Ken-ichi ARAI, Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
Jocelyn BELL BURNELL, Visiting Professor, University of Oxford, England
Ayse ERZAN, Professor, Istanbul Technical University; Researcher, Feza Gursey Institute for Basic Science, Istanbul, Turkey
Nancy IP, Professor, Head of Biochemistry and Director of the Biotechnology Research Institute and Molecular Neuroscience Centre, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Lydia MAKHUBU, Professor, University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, Swaziland
Armando PARODI, Head, Laboratory of Glycobiology, Fundacion Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Anne STEVENS, Executive Vice President and Chief  Operating Officer for the Americas, Ford Motor  Company, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A.
Jennifer THOMSON, Professor, University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

Jan PETERS, Study director
Steven J. MARCUS, Report editor
Judy HEMINGWAY, Statistics and case studies
Laura van VEENENDAAL, Project assistant

Document Date: June 1, 2006
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