Women for Science

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  • TitleWomen for Science
  • Release Date1 June 2006
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Academies as advocates of global capacity building

 A public commitment and sustained effort by the academies is needed so that grassroots women throughout the world may, in full partnership with men, acquire the skills for building their countries’ capacities in science and technology.

  • Knowledge centres
    The Advisory Panel asks academies to advocate and participate in the establishment of science and technology ‘knowledge centres’ for women in rural areas and urban enclaves. These centres provide training in S&T-based skills for local applications. Training in information technology and access to the Internet are essential elements in this process.
  • Educating S&T professionals
     Academies are urged to advocate for and support the higher education of women in science, engineering, and industrial management, including entrepreneurship. Some of these women, associated with regional research institutes, may in turn train rural women in their own cultures through links to local knowledge centres.
  •  Networking
    Academies are asked to support collaborations between developed and developing countries that give women scientists, engineers, and S&T students the opportunities to acquire contacts, build networks, and generally gain greater access to new learning opportunities
Document Date: June 1, 2006
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