Women for Science

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Academies as employers

Most academies employ staff—and in some cases manage sizeable in-house operations —that function in a culture largely dominated by men. The institutional climate needs to be transformed into one that expects both women and men employees to perform to their full potential for the benefit of the organization.

  •  Commitment at the top
    An academy’s working environment can be transformed only if top management, convinced that including a variety of talents, perspectives, and experiences is a worthwhile organizational goal, commits to acting accordingly.
  • Creating an inclusive working environment: Good management practice
    The organizational transformation to an inclusive culture uses the tools of good management practice described in Chapter 2. Conditions for hiring, promotions, and awards must be made clear. Women need to be included in networking to end their isolation. The decision-making inner circle is gradually widened through attracting and preparing women for leadership. Both women and men employees deserve a healthy work-family balance.
Document Date: June 1, 2006
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