Women for Science

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  • TitleWomen for Science
  • Release Date1 June 2006
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Academies as national advocates for education, science, and engineering

Many academies have formal roles as advisers to government, while others may be able to influence government —as well as other sectors— by virtue of the prestige their institution carries.

  • National office
    Academies are asked to advocate for a national office that facilitates the entry and participation of women professionals in fields, such as science and engineering, traditionally dominated by men.
  • Public awareness
     Academies are urged to emphasize that raising public awareness of science and technology is important to all aspects of society.
  •  Educational reform
    The Advisory Panel asks that academies advise government education agencies on reforms—in textbooks, teaching materials, exams, and career counselling—to remove gender bias.
  • Eliminating barriers to full inclusion
    Academies are asked to advocate that governments remove barriers to the education and employment of women scientists and engineers, and redress women’s underrepresentation; and that work and family responsibilities be balanced by a variety of measures, from child-care facilities to flexible work schedules
Document Date: June 1, 2006
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