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Annex F. Web sources of Information

All links were correct at publication time. Because of the nature of the Internet, no responsibility can be taken for a broken or changed URL over time.

Association in Support of Contemporary Living, Turkey — www.ataturksociety.org
Computer Clubs for Girls, U.K. - www.cc4g.net
CYDD, Turkey — www.cydd.org.tr
Ecsite, U.K.- www.ecsite-uk.net/index.php
Engineergirl, NAE, U.S.A. — www.engineergirl.org
Iwaswondering, NAS, U.S.A. - www.iwaswondering.org
National Childcare Strategy — www.odpm.gov.uk
National Children’s Strategy, U.K. - www.nco.ie
Pathmakers for Careers Guidance in Canada — www.carleton.ca
Science in Africa — www.scienceinafrica.co.za
Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics Network - www.setnet.org.uk
Supreme Council of Universities, Egypt - www.scu.eun.eg
Taking a leading role – careers advisers’ survey - www.royalsoc.ac.uk
Turkey Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV), Turkey — www.tegv.org.tr
UNESCO-IUPAC microscience experiments - www.portal.unesco.org/education
UNICEF Girls’ education — www.unicef.org
UNICEF Programs in Turkey — www.haydikizlarokula.org

Organizations and initiatives relevant to women and science
All-China Women’s Federation - www.women.org.cn/english/index.htm
Association for Women in Science - www.awis.org
Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering — www.sawise.org.za
Athena Project - www.athenaproject.org.uk
CGIAR — www.genderdiversity.cgiar.org
European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology — www.setwomenexperts.org.uk
FREJA — www.cyborgs.sdu.dk
Global Alliance — www.globalalliancesmet.org
International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists INWES — www.inwes.org
IPAZIA-UNESCO — www.womensciencenet.org
National Institute for Supporting Women in Science and Technology, Korea - http://english.wist.re.kr
Purdue University Women in Engineering Program - www.engineering.purdue.edu
Third World Organization for Women in Science — www.twows.org
U.K. Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology — www.setwomenresource.org.uk
Women in Global Science and Technology (WIGSAT) - www.wigsat.org
Women in Japan Physical Society — www.aapps.org
Women, Science and Technology in Latin America - www.catunescomujer.org

Science organizations
American Association of Engineering Societies — www.aaes.org
American Institute of Physics — www.aip.org
American Physical Society — www.aps.org
American Institute of Physics — www.aip.org/statistics
Argentine National Research Council for Science and Technology — www.conicet.gov.ar
InterAcademy Council - www.interacademycouncil.net
International Astronomical Union - http://proceedings.aip.org
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics — www.iupap.org
National Academy of Sciences - www.nationalacademies.org
Nobel Foundation - http://nobelprize.org
Royal Society of Chemistry - www.rsc.org
Royal Society of London, U.K. - www.royalsoc.ac.uk
Science Council of Japan - www.scj.go.jp
TWAS The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World — www.twas.org
U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration — www.fda.gov

Science communication
AlphaGalileo - www.alphagalileo.org
EuroPAWS - http://europaws.merzagora.net
National Academies Press - www.nap.edu
PAWS - www.pparc.ac.uk
UNESCO-IUPAC — http://portal.unesco.org
Warintek Multipurpose Community Telecenters — http://portal.unesco.org

China’s strategies for relieving poverty - www.help-poverty.org.cn
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation - www.mssrf.org
UNESCO - http://portal.unesco.org

Women and equality
ADVANCE — www.nsf.gov/advance and www.engr.washington.edu/advance
AT&T Labs Internships - http://public.research.att.com
Beijing + 10 — www.un.org
Beijing + 5 - www.un.org
Beijing Conference on Women — www.un.org
Dartmouth College, New Hampshire Internships - www.dartmouth.edu
Genderdax — www.genderdax.de
Max Planck Society www.mpg.de/english
Maximising Returns — www.setwomenresource.org.uk
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada — www.nserc.ca
United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development/Gender Advisory Board — http://gab.wigsat.org
Women Scientists Programs, Department of Science and Technology, India - http://dst.gov.in

Reports and resources on women in science and industry
European Commission, Women in Science — www.cordis.lu
MIT Report - http://web.mit.edu
National Science Foundation — http://www.nsf.gov
U.K. Resource Centre for Women in SET — www.setwomenresource.org.uk
Women in Physics,IUPAP  — http://proceedings.aip.org
Women Scientists in Industry, Catalyst — www.catalyst.org

Document Date: June 1, 2006
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